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SKINs, is an photographic exploration of the complexities of American Culture in the 21st Century. The idealization of the body is examined physically and metaphorically through play, lighting and process. Inspired by organic colors and textures that environmental weathering create during the aging process, gender, career, culture, ethnicity, age and class all disappear revealing the one constant, autonomy.


 I am, an African American Woman in the 21st Century exploring fixed + chameleon identities. Investigating how complexities of heritage and ancestry affect well being through culture.  I am one of many.


In collaboration with phenomenal artist, Thomas Evans aka Detour,  They Still Live is an exploration of African Art in the Western World. They Still Live, supported with the help of the Paul Hamilton collection, is a journey into the discovery of self. Made to be liberating, eye opening, and informative at its core, They Still Live is effort to spark interest of individuals to discover their heritage and to learn about their history. Through the power of DNA testing, the truth about ones linage is illuminated.


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The Art Of Being Natural
The Art Of Being Natural

A documentary pertaining to Urban Naturals in the Denver, Colorado area. Each individual has chosen to refrain from using dangerous yet common chemicals, products nor ingest processed foods in their every day life.   The Mile High City (5280) participants have chosen to live organically through nutrition, lifestyle, and most importantly to this exploratory project, personal hair style.  

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